Is Your Operator Paying You Correctly?

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What We Do

We analyze your oil and gas check stubs and any related documents to ensure you're getting paid correctly.

If we find an error, our team works with the operator to get back the money owed to you.

Once the money is returned to you, we monitor your check stubs and proactively catch issues.

A royalty owner spends just 1 hour on average working with us and we typically have money back in your pocket within 90 days.

About Us

Our team are the foremost experts on working with oil and gas companies to find errors. We finance litigation and actively enforce breach of contract issues.

Paras Shah

Paras has spent his entire career at the intersection of oil and gas and technology. OilStub was born out of Paras' firsthand knowledge and insight into the many operators that routinely underpay royalty owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge?
We don't charge anything up front and only earn 50% of the reimbursement from the operator that you receive.
How do you protect the information on my check stub?
We never share any of your information with anyone. It's your information and we treat it as such.
If you find an error and help me get a reimbursement, does the operator pay you or me?
The operator of the well will issue a reimbursement and adjustment on your next check stub upon confirmation directly to you.
How long does it take to get a reimbursement?
Typically, money is back in your pocket within 90 days.
How much time do I have to spend on this?
The average royalty owner spends just 1 hour working with us.
Do you have references?
Absolutely! Email us and we're happy to connect you to other happy royalty owners who have worked with us.

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We will never share your check stubs, financial, contact, or any personal data with anyone.

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